My snowman needs a name!

2013-12-10 18:00:54 by Krichotomy

Eight inches of snow (the most I've ever seen) inspired me to write music and build a snowman. If you have any great name ideas for my snowman, please mention them in a comment!





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2013-12-10 18:17:24


Krichotomy responds:

I like it! However, one of my friends suggested "Olaf", and I like that even more. :)


2013-12-10 18:51:31

Icy van Beethoven

Krichotomy responds:

Well, I guess that's relevant, sorta. :P


2013-12-10 19:11:37

Yeah, N1nj4x has got the right idea. Icy van Beethoven, and he can be an incredibly talented composer despite the stubby length of his err...twigs for arms, and the looming fact that melting is inevitable. :P

Also, I enjoyed your 'Lost Winter' piece. It sounded playful but panicky, as if the scene is set in a wintry maze or something. And undeniably Christmas-like with those bells. Great stuff!

Take care now.

Krichotomy responds:


Thanks - I like the "wintry maze" description. My original idea was for it to be mostly playful with a very brief panicky section, but the piece was overtaken by minor chords. I have a weakness for minor chords. :D


2013-12-17 00:10:08

Lonely Snowball

Krichotomy responds:

He shall not be lonely! He shall have many friends!