2013-06-16 18:32:25 by Krichotomy

I am most encouraged (on Newgrounds) when people review my music. Any encouraging review, even if it expresses dislike of my music, is great! But today I noticed the download counter. That is also encouraging. Thanks for downloading my music! :)

If you want me to review any of your music just let me know!


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2013-06-16 23:48:16

Maybe you can leave a review once my next piece is up and I can leave one for you. Also, we need to get you more than six followers my friend!

Krichotomy responds:

That sounds like a good deal to me.

Now I have seven followers; Seven is the number of perfection, right?


2013-08-10 20:10:34

Sir, you have earned my admiration to you.

Krichotomy responds:

Awesome! How did I do that?