New Uploads

2013-03-27 17:09:11 by Krichotomy

Hello. I've really had a hard time with music projects. First my computer crashed, and even though all my project files were backed up because of a different system setup they are semi-corrupted. Restoring them is a very painful process, so I'll just be uploading my most recent mp3 renderings of some of them (before the computer crash).

I now have a new laptop and it hates music. It hates playing music, it hates LMMS, it hates FL Studio, and it even hates my audio hardware. I'm like, "Hey, Glowfish [that's what I named my computer], why do you hate the things I love?" and my computer just sits there and looks at me with a dumb look on it's face. :S

Also, I'm even busier than before with graduate school. I'm tasked to do more than I ever could do, so I'm just trying to do as much of it as I can because that's the sort of person I am.

Those are my excuses for not having music to share. But I'm still enjoying playing and composing music, mostly on the piano and various woodwinds. :)

I should have a few uploads of old things on here within 24 hours. Enjoy them, and make sure to leave reviews. :D

P.S. I attached a funny picture.

New Uploads


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