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Hey! Let's be friends. Feel free to ask me to review your music or art, or to strike up a conversation. I write music, stories, pictures, and software. I climb trees. I even play a few musical instruments. I struggle with depression.

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Noice, that's Seven Deadly Sins... Sorry to hear about your health. Your health problems are probably linked to depression as a trigger for symptoms and are physiological, linking mental and subconscious problems to the body, like conversion. IDK really, I'm no doctor. Chin up, you're right there are small things that are sparse stars in the dark.

I don't really feel depressed though. Just anxious and confused.

Quit video gaming, I reckon.

:P I was joking about the addiction. Video games are something that I usually can do even when I'm too overwhelmed with frustration or anxiety to do other things.

Have music jams with locals. For me I found a website of my city Perth called 'Perthbands.com'
I found people in my suburb. Also people I know from school. Music jams are fun, learn a lot. THe process of starting the jam it self is unique, but everyone's heaps open about it.

Also drawing meet ups if possible, this one is harder to do. A secret/private facebook group will do it but you need to know people in the first place. Find a bubble tea place in a central location. Activities include drawing collabs. each person draws a quadrant/fraction of the paper or a character, pass around the paper, etc.

I used to be able to enjoy music jams but it has become a source of anxiety. Drawing has been a very strong source of anxiety. Makes me feel like I'm suffocating. I'm a very creative individual, but all my creative outlets have become sources of anxiety. I hate it, but I have no idea what to do about it. I'm tellin' ya, something is wrong with my mind, and the "usual fixes" don't work.

Thanks for the attention and advice, though. :)