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Hey! Let's be friends. Feel free to ask me to review your music or art, or to strike up a conversation. I write music, stories, pictures, and software. I climb trees. I even play a few musical instruments. I struggle with depression.

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The common link is that you're a superstar!

But honestly, I have no idea how to accurately gauge traffic. However, that many downloads is certainly worth noting :)

*superstar pose* :)

I noticed your composition's impressive status, and congratulations, although such a remark is days late. To answer your question:

The most accurate way to gauge attention is the assess the amount of followers gained after posting the composition. That would suggest more commitment to your work than what views, downloads, votes, and comments suggest, which are subjective indicators for attention because they only reflect the work to which they belong; however, among these four counters, the amount of downloads is arguably the best.

It objectively shows how many people are satisfied with the work and can be consequently be considered as a "positive "review and vote. It becomes even more indicative if you establish a ratio between it and the view count.

Because view count only shows how many people looked at the composition and does not show how many people actually listened fully to the composition, gauging attention with it is hazy. On the other hand, if you define attention as the degree of attention, then I suppose this would be a bigger objective indicator than the amount of downloads.

Reviews are nice, but, as I aforementioned, they can be replaced with the amount of downloads a composition receives as an indicator. Besides, most reviews I have seen are superficial to the point that calling them "reviews" is a categorical error. The moment you start receiving many substantial reviews, however. . . (I assume the significance of this conditional is self-explanatory)

Votes are weird. Although they require no more effort than simply clicking to listen to a composition, they are often disproportionate to the view count, which i suppose could mean that the viewer either has not cared to listen to the entire composition (or to the degree that would incite them to vote, at least) or has not considered it in his or her purpose for listening. But in your composition's case, it becomes even more suspect. They hold little no weight because of the amount of downloads, the lacking amount of reviews, and, most importantly, the view count.

It would be presumptuous for me to assume that you share a similar perspective, but I nevertheless believe that I have offered some input for consideration. The amount of downloads is the most indicative of attention, but it, like view count, votes, and reviews, generally reflect one thing, as a opposed to something as suggestive as followers gained.

I actually typed up a well-thought-out reply to this, but I lost it, and don't have the energy to re-create it. Anyway, thanks for the analysis. I don't completely agree with you, but your review did help me form my thoughts.